About us

Established in 2010

Livin' the Green Dream was created from the shocking realization of its owner, Cara Denny, as to how much junk is collecting at our land fills.  Because of her experience at the land fills and noticing the amount of consumer waste she decided she wanted to try to educate consumers to better alternatives.  Through the use of the "Why in the Buy" clouds she uses fun facts to help shoppers make greener purchases.  Cara continues to search for suppliers of eco friendly products for local resources and Fair Trade businesses.  Future plans are to expand the website, LivinGreenDream.com and open more store locations in tourist destinations.


Cara Denny has been a business owner since 1995.  Her first business was a mobile gymnastics program called Mobilastics.  She traveled from school to school teaching children the fundamentals of gymnastics in San Jose, California.  The business expanded to include several stationary locations, Gymnastics in Marina and Gymnastics in Prunedale as well as programs for the City of Watsonville, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale and Hollister.  In 2002 she became a REALTOR and retired from teaching gymnastics in 2004.  She assisted many homeowner's in the American Dream.  During the fall of the housing market she began a clean out business called Preservation Specialists, which she continues to operate.  From this business she had the idea to start a "Green" store to educate consumers about living greener lifestyles.  She continues to assist homeowner's as well as investors with managing their investments.  One of her many passions of green living she encourages others to do as well with her shop!


Check out our store located at 410 Third Street in beautiful San Juan Bautista, Ca.