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Little Malia

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Hello! I am Malia Earth Girl and I am an Earth Friend. I love you and I love our planet. Everything about me is natural and organic or recycled so I am safe to play with all day and hold close all night! My thick hair is made from organic cotton. My cool clothes are made from organic or recycled eco fibers. My fabric skin is made from durable hemp fiber. My soft stuffing is made from recycled plastic containers.

Open my backpack to find a Hope Tree Planting Kit. Inside you will find Douglas Fir tree seeds and planting instructions along with and magic expanding plant and grow coco pellet. Earth Friends know we need lots of trees to keep our air clean and provide animal habitat. Plant your Hope tree and it will become a magical place.

  • Big Malia is 22" tall and weighs 1 and a half pounds
  • Little Malia is 14" tall and weighs almost 1 pound

Earth Friends clothing is made from a variety of recycled and organic fabrics. Please note that while the styles and prints may sometimes vary from the photographs pictured they will always be eco-fabulous!