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Pinon Sap Salve - 3/4 oz.

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A natural antiseptic that relieves pain and promotes healing. This salve is also beneficial for helping to alleviate the symptoms associated with minor burns, cuts, scrapes, and dry or cracking skin. Pinon sap is gathered from the Pinon sap tree. It is not an easy substance to work with having a very “sticky nature”. For this reason it needs to be processed before it can be used in a cream or salve type product. Around every 7 years these trees produce nuts that are gathered, stored, roasted and eaten.

Ingredients: Pinon sap(wild crafted), Pesticide free bees wax, African shea nut butter

Organic oils: Sunflower, coconut and Jojoba(wild crafted), T-50 Vitamin E oil(Natural-suitable for use in Organic products)

Made in Tucson, AZ. 0.75 oz tin.