Zengyro Energy Band

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In engineering and physics we were taught that everything vibrates at a natural frequency.  Plus if you put two items next to each other that vibrate at the same natural frequency and start vibrating one of the items, the other item will start vibrating on its own.  It’s called resonance.  The ZENGYRO Energy Band is designed to resonate with the human body!

Therefore, when your environment is trying to pull your body’s vibrational state away from its natural frequency, the ZENGYRO Energy Band makes it easier for your body to maintain its natural frequency.  As a result your body has to exert less energy to maintain its normal state and has more energy to do whatever else it needs to do to maintain your health and homeostasis.

Zengyro Holograms were engineered to enhance performance for everyone, not just athletes. When your body feels more powerful, flexible and in athletic balance, you can't help but improve your game. Zengryo holograms will continue to perform in definitely. The holograms only need to be within close proximity to your skin, about 1 to 3 inches. So wear it on your wrist or even keep it in your pocket! You can wear your Zengyro energy band 24 hours a day or for just part of the day depending on your preference. They can withstand water but do not machine wash or tumble dry. These 100% surgical grade silicone will not irritate your skin.

Stop by to fit for your size or estimate your size by measuring the circumference of your wrist and use the following recommendations:  Small – 6.5″, Medium – 7.0″, Large – 7.5″, XL – 8.25″, XXL – 8.75″.  Don’t go smaller than the size recommended for your wrist circumference.